Friday, 15 December 2017

Gwen from Guava Gems

I have known this week's Blogger of the Week for some time as we both take part in several of the same SALs in the blog world.  She does some lovely stitching in a variety of styles.  Please welcome Gwen from

1. Please introduce yourself – name, where you are from, family, pets etc.

I’m Gwen Lewis. I was born in the West Indies but now live in Columbus, GA., USA. I have one adult son and no pets.

2. How long have you been stitching and how did you start?

I have been stitching since elementary school.  My cousin taught me surface embroidery on stamped pillow cases.  A neighbor introduced me to knitting and I taught myself to crochet and tat.  I love found counted cross stitch and fell in love.  I’ve also tried my hand at quilting, needlepoint and many other crafts.

3. How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? Is there a story behind your blog title?

I started blogging in December 2006.  It was my way to journal my stitching. It doesn’t seem possible that my blog has been around that long.  
Guavas are one of my favorite fruits and I trust that my stitching Gems.

4. How would you describe your stitching style? Are you a serial starter, a rotator, a OAAT (one at a time), highly organised, random and eclectic, etc.?

I am a hopeless serial starter of projects of all sorts.  In addition to counted cross stitch; beading, knitting, crochet and needlepoint are some of the projects can be on my radar.  I aspire to be a rotator. I have tried several versions of rotations but I’m lucky if I stick to my plan past 2-3 weeks.

5. Do you have a favourite designer or style of design you are drawn to?

I don’t have a favorite designer or style and enjoy samplers, smalls and trying different techniques.

6. Which piece are you most proud of in your collection?

Two of the pieces I’m most proud of are the pieces of the trilogy, Gold and Frankincense, Gift of the Magi by Thea Dueck that I stitched and had framed.

7. What has been your worst stitching disaster?

This is more of a disappointment than a disaster.  I have never completed the stitching on the third piece, Gift to the Magi; Myrrh.

8. Which new technique would you like to try, either stitching, finishing or another craft?

I have all the supplies to try needlepunch but haven’t tried my first project yet.  I really don’t need another obsession.

9. Do you have a box of finished-but-not-fully-finished pieces? Or is everything FFO'd? What's your favourite way to fully finish a project and what do you do with them?

Oh yes, I do.  I have several objects that need finishing as well as some projects to be framed.  I don’t have a favorite finish.  I try to match the finish type to the project.  I also like to try different finishing techniques.  Some items I keep but I have gifted a lot of the pieces I have finished.

10. Which of your projects most represents "you"?

I don’t have a project that represents me but I have used one of my projects as an avatar.

11. Tell us a secret about yourself. Or a joke. About anything!

I’m a really slow stitcher and need to limit my time online so I can get some stitching done.

12. Anything you would like to add?

I really enjoy seeing the different projects and variations that stitchers work on and complete.  Wish I was able to comment on all of them.


  1. Gwen I loved learning more about you and seeing so very many of your pieces too.

  2. Lovely to meet you Gwen,I enjoyed reading your answers.Gold and Frankincense are beautiful.

  3. Lovely to read about you Gwen and see more of your beautiful stitching. I love Gold and Frankincense, they are just stunning.

  4. You have such beautiful projects !!

  5. You've done some beautiful work Gwen, the Gifts of the Magi are gorgeous

  6. It's lovely to meet you, Gwen. Thank you for sharing such lovely projects x

  7. Gwen, The trilogy is gorgeous, I hope you finish the third, the framing for the two you have completed is perfect. So nice to meet another "slow" stitcher!! I will have you added to our sidebar, I followed previously but forgot about your blog, so glad Jo has this blogger of the week series. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  8. It was lovely to meet you and I love all of your projects. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to taking a look around.

  9. Howdy, nice to meet you~ :) The Gifts of the Magi are simply stunning! I hope you someday finish Myrrh to have the full set. I understand totally about the "slow" stitching too.

  10. Hi Gwen, the Magi gifts are outstandingly beautiful and hope you can finish the 3rd, perhaps the perfect project for after Christmas. I love Guava too.

  11. Hello Gwen! It is so nice to meet you. I loved seeing your stitching and hearing all about you. The Gifts of the Magi are amazing work and I do hope you get to finish the third piece. I'm a slow stitcher too but enjoy it so much. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  12. Very nice to meet you Gwen. Your stitching is beautiful and your Gifts of the Magi are amazing! I do hope you get to finish Myrrh soon.

  13. Great answers. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Nice meeting you!Happy new year!AriadnefromGreece!